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Arushi Kapoor Presents ‘Decoding Americana’s Queer Sensibilities’ Exhibit, Curated by Steve Galindo

Ruben Esparza, Untitled Project ( Flag 2019 ), 2023. Oil Cloth, fabric remnant, thread, and used broom, 59 x 34 in.

In a mesmerizing convergence of creativity, a group of multi cultural visionary queer artists embarks on an extraordinary endeavor. With resolute determination, they reshape the traditional domains of Americana with multicultural queer influences to sculpture, painting, and photography, breathing new life into the very essence of Americana. In parallel to the indomitable spirit of the queer, trans, and non-binary community, the fabric of this nation is woven with multicultural queer diversity, ingenuity, and ancestral legacies that shape its cultural tapestry. The exhibit opens on July 26th, 2023 at a private residence in Los Feliz from 6-10 PM. and runs from July 26 till August16. By Appointment: STEVE@THESTYLEGUYDE.COM

Through a curated selection of multi cultural queer artist’s artworks, this exhibition becomes a kaleidoscope of craftsmanship akin to the vibrant hues of a rainbow. It celebrates and magnifies the joys, excellence, and barrier-breaking nature of the queer, trans, and non-binary communities. Within these contemporary masterpieces lie the profound imprints of queer legacies, influences, and future visions, all interwoven in a rich multi cultural reinterpretation of Americana.

Here, quilting, weaving, painting, sculpture, collage, photography, and mixed media converge, offering glimpses into the myriad ways in which these artists unravel the complexities of multi-cultural American identity. Their artistic expressions become the conduits through which narratives of heritage, resilience, and metamorphosis are channeled. The classical mediums, now reborn through the lens of these multicultural queer trailblazing artists, reflect the evolving spirit of a nation in constant transformation.

As you immerse yourself in this exhibition, prepare to witness the tangible manifestations of queer artists’ profound connections to Americana. Their works radiate with a potent blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and deep-seated emotions. With each stroke of the brush, every chiseled form, and the captured essence of a moment, they guide us on a thought-provoking voyage, urging us to reimagine and reinterpret the very fabric of our shared American identity including queer and multi cultural sensibilities.

Within these hallowed halls, traditions are shattered, boundaries are expanded, and the vibrant spirit of inclusivity thrives. Here, the intersection of cultures, art, queer sensibilities and Americana intertwines,

inviting us to explore the diverse narratives that have shaped and continue to shape our collective journey. This exhibition is an invitation to embrace the power of queer artistic expression as a catalyst for change, renewal, and a celebration of the ever-evolving mosaic that is the American identity.

Participating artists: Evangeline Adalyrion, Alannah Farrell, Stuart Sandford, Little Ricky aka Ricky Sension, Mia Weiner, Sara Sandoval, Duane Paul, Naruki Kukita, Sophia Gasporian, Joey Brock, Miguel Reyes Angel, Ruben Esparza.

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