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Tufenkian Fine Arts Present Solo Show by Tanner Goldbeck.

Tufenkian Fine Arts is presenting Proof of Life, a solo show featuring artworks by Los Angeles-based artist Tanner Goldbeck. Goldbeck will exhibit a selection of artworks that traverse the artist’s interests in tearing down and repurposing his own existing art by dismantling these images and abstracting them into new organic constructions. The exhibition will be on view from February 12 through March 26, 2022.

Goldbeck considers himself a painter first and foremost above all other mark making forms of expression. The artist’s interest in line art is the fundamental structure which connects the works in this show, with each piece reflecting a playful tension between control and chaos. The linear elements define space and inherently contain volume while color and textures fight to break down boundaries and add emotion. A metaphoric reflection which perfectly encapsulates the artist’s life. Or, as Goldbeck puts it, “Me in a nutshell.” The results are perhaps best described as a form of visual chatter, a feeling not unlike entering a room full of people all talking at once.

Familiar lines that hold memory have more value for Goldbeck. The artist uses a stock of ink drawings from past commercial jobs which he deconstructs and reassembles at will. From this starting point, the artist maintains a loose concept of where each piece might go. Multiple layers of colors add and subtract positive and negative shapes in an exchange of speed, cadence, and volume equivalent to the mood as it evolves. The titles of the works in this exhibition often reference street names from both the artist’s hometown in Maryland and his new home in downtown Los Angeles, blending home and memory in a subtle combination. The movement and energy naturally associated with roads and streets are mirrored in these works as the artist encapsulates kinetic energy and frantic motion through his gestural marks and layers of color.

As Goldbeck sees it, the paintings in this exhibition work best at drawing people into the chaos of the moment. A more immersive and installation oriented experience, the viewer is forced to roam around in the chatter to select the bits and pieces they want to hear. The artist likes to think of them as an invitation to explore. It isn’t critical that viewers initially understand the finer aspects of the process, but perhaps they will retain the memory of that moment and enjoy the ride.

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