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Wanna Rubens of Your Dog? Need a Van Gogh of Your WFH Space? The Getty and Google Got an App For That

Left: Anatomical Studies, Peter Paul Rubens (Flemish, 1577-1640), about 1600-1605, J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Right: photo by Brittany Saake, via Art Transfer

With the Google Arts & Culture app, you can now see your own life through the eyes of an artist.

Overlay a van Gogh onto your breakfast. Let Rubens draw your dog.

Using the new Art Transfer feature, simply take or upload a photo within the app, choose from among dozens of featured artworks, and watch your photo take on the work’s colors, shapes, and artistic style.

Paintings, decorative arts, antiquities, and drawings from Getty’s collections are among the artworks available. Want to turn your backyard into a scene reminiscent of van Gogh? Upload a photo and select Irises from the list of artworks. Curious to see how your portrait would look if you sat for Rubens? Take a selfie and choose Anatomical Studies to transfer Rubens’ powerful strokes of ink to your image.

You can overlay the artwork onto the entire photo, or select a specific part — your shirt, the sky, or your coffee cup. The result: a splash of an artist’s immediately recognizable style incorporated into your own world.

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